Learn Faster and Work Smarter

Interactive (video-based) content and smart analytics accelerates knowledge transfer and increases retention- drive business success, productivity and boost results
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Business Applications

Modern Professional Training

Take learning out of the classroom and enhance your offering to drive business, increase customer success and to win and retain customers

Sales and Channel productivity

Increase product and services understanding with the aim to increase customer satisfaction and top line results

Customer Experience

Ensure your customers stay engaged and provide support throughout their entire journey from initial use through to ongoing support


Accelerate time to productivity by putting the right foundation in place for new employees, contractors or new initiatives.

Skilling & Reskilling

Engaging, procedural video based instructions which increase learner engagement and retention

Health, Safety, SOP’s

Video based Standard Operating Procedures bring exactness and context to procedures and work.

Rapidly create engaging and rich interactive (video based) learning experiences in minutes and track success and engagement with smart analytics. Rapid ROI & Engaged users

Benefits for users

  • Suits different learning styles.
  • Better and improved learning experience; 

  • Saves time.

  • Increase attention, engagement, recall, satisfaction

  • Aligned with the modern learner



  • More knowledgeable employees, customers and partners - higher customer satisfaction and improved performance
  • Understand and engage with your users- Ascend provides valuable data and insights for your business
  • Develop your workforce, avoid a skills gap
  • Empower competence and drive revenue
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduce cost- accelerate knowledge transfer and time to productivity
Reduction in learning time
Increase customer engagment
Decrease training costs
Increase insight in learner understanding

Interactive video has been shown to increase attention, engagement, recall, satisfaction and time spent watching a video.”

─ Learning Solutions Magazine

Emerging offerings, such as Zavango Ascend, not only deliver rich, interactive video learning, but also provide the analytics that show the impact of a particular course

Aragon Research ─ Jim Lundy- CEO Aragon Research

employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles

Forrester Research